Let's get to know Clay Jenkins, he's your run of the mill progressive democrat

Clay Jenkins, unfortunately he’s our Dallas County Judge until 2022. He’s a life long Democrat and fed off the sweet swampy liberal teet of the likes of Obama and Biden, Clay Jenkins has no political pedigree or background but jumped on the scene as Dallas County Judge in 2011.

He’s a personal injury lawyer (you know an ambulance chaser like Better Call Saul), and has kept company with the likes of questionable drug addicted law partners with lots of baggage (sound familiar, the likes of Hunter Biden?). He’s been arrested twice, and is known to pull publicity stunts like harboring Ebola infected victims and chauffeuring them around town (with no protective equipment) throughout Dallas to show that no one should be afraid of them or discriminate against them because they have one of the most infectious diseases on the planet (Hello McFly, anybody in there?). Jenkins is lusting after promotion and praise with his insubordination against Governor Abbott’s mask mandate reversal.

He’s gleaming for a spot from the progressive squad by showcasing his virtuousness in the spotlight of the National stage even with an appearance on (through Biden Admin help most likely). Clay is grinning clown ear to clown ear as he looks in the mirror thinking to himself “I’m ready for my close-up now”.

There’s no doubt he’s on a mission with directive from the Biden Administration to embarrass Governor Abbott by instating his own unconstitutional mask mandate and turn Texas blue, while spitting in the faces of all those who love Freedom, especially parents and their children. Oh yes, Clay hates children so much he wants to suffocate them all day in school and also out in public.

Freedom loving people of Dallas, let's show this tiny tyrant that he can't impose his make believe orders on us, and lets show him at the polls this election.