What We Stand For

Freedom For Dallas! is a group of Freedom First parents from all walks of life and professions in Dallas who are very concerned about their eroding Freedoms, especially for their children. Our groups mission is take a stand for our innocent Children with political activism, creating focused local awareness, changing and recommending new policies and legislation and of course supporting elected officials who put our children and freedom first.

Who We Are

Our support is growing extremely fast. We started as a group of neighbors with concerns about local politics and grew to a diverse collection of friends and like minded individuals from all walks of life galvanized in our resolve to restore balance in our public office. The speed of which this is happening is truly inspiring. People still do care! Even though they may not bark loud, they're still with us.

I am not a professional activist nor did I have any intention of creating a website (by myself) or being vocal about politics, but I’ve had enough! I think we've all had enough. I am a Husband and Father of four children whom I love more than anything in this world. Our children's future is at stake from manipulative marxist politicians who are playing psychological war games, distorting our children’s reality and social behavior forever. Adults can deal with 2 years of insane lockdowns and mandates and overreach of powers, but our children CANNOT! The damage done to them is lifelong.

We want our children to enjoy the Freedom's we grew up with, to show them that this is still a GREAT Country that has so much to offer. We will teach our children to understand that no one is above the rule of law and our Constitution is to be upheld to the highest respect and honor. We will raise our children to understand the evils that have presented themselves in our local political offices, and how to take action. I feel a lot is to come in the near future and we’re ready to support the right candidates and get the bad actors out of office.

We hope you will join us in support of our cause in this truly defining moment.