King of Fear: Clay Jenkins is a Danger to Dallas as County Judge and Has Got To Go!

Clay Jenkins, divorced dad, momma’s boy, personal injury attorney, pandemic porn enthusiast and aspiring progressive democrat is the current Dallas County Judge seeking re-election this year. Since 2011, he’s become a bit of a celebrity during his time in office for a myriad of stunts but mostly from pro-lockdown twitter admirers who love Clay’s newfound tyrannical power. It's best we know a bit more about Clay since he is running for County Judge (AGAIN). Let’s find out a bit more about Clay and what a Dallas County Judge does.

Facts About Clay Jenkins

- Clay's divorced, has a daughter and lives at home with his mommy

- Clay was involved in some shady business dealings to help hide money from his wife with friend/business partner Brian Loncar

- Clay's ok with the psychological and behavioural abuse by masking and vaccinating our kids

- Clay is a personal injury attorney and he looks like an ambulance chaser

- In 2014, Clay transported an Ebola infected man's family wearing no protective equiment

- Clay rules with fear. His Twitter account reads like a COVID-19 fear porn enthusiast

Clay Jenkins promotes Fear, Fear, Fear and more Fear

Clay Jenkins, Fear Porn

So Whats a County Judge?

The word Judge in this role is confusing. The County Judge is not an actual judge and does not preside over any trial cases. The majority of the County Judge’s role is administrative, and primarily manages the county’s budget, and presides over the commissions court.

The County Judge should be a pretty standard bureaucratic public servant role, but nope! Clay has gone from Clark Kent County Judge turning the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity for him to become a progressive left superhero who’s main focus is not on public safety, but regurgitating progressive left policy and talking points about everything from COVID-19 pandemic porn to immigration in hopes of securing a future in the progressive lefts squad of mini dictators. Clay's entire Twitter acount is fear and anxiety inducing. Literally every tweet is about cases and deaths and masking and vaccines. How is this productive? How is this effectively managing an "emergency"? Clay also prioritizes his time to be at odds with our Governor Greg Abbott. When Clay is not inducing pandemic fear porn from his Mom's house in Highland Park, he's attacking the Governor on almost every policy or subject.

Jenkins, Obama, Swamp

We Need A New Dallas County Judge

Dallas needs someone new for County Judge. Dallas needs bi-partisan leadership that does not have contempt for their constituents and does not strive to capitalize on power from endless emergency declarations. We need a County Judge who is a true community advocate, and understands how an emergency impacts our children, especially when our children our being psychologically and behaviorally impacted by continued abuse from political tyrants for personal gain. Dallas needs a County Judge who is not a career politician looking to advance their career.

In an attempt to win over a new progressive audience Clay Jenkins was interviewed on CNN in August 2021 about Pediatric ICU beds where he provided this gem of a non anxiety/fear inducing quote: CNN quote “Your Child Will Wait For Another Child To Die” - Clay Jenkins

Jenkins, Biden, Swamp
Clay Jenkins, Fear Porn